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Lily singing

My little star showing her talent

Anonymous said: How did you find out you were pregnant? What were your first symptoms and how early into the pregnancy did you get them?

I was the usual ‘late period’ case. The only reason I thought much of it was because I had a bug not too long before and questioned it. I think I was 6 weeks, I can’t remember exactly. I was very lucky that I didn’t have any sickness throughout.

Recently, I’ve had several women tell me how much reading back on my blog has helped them and settled them for thoughts on pregnancy. So, I’m going to try my hardest to update my tumblr as much as I can.

If there’s any questions you would like to ask me then fire away! I’m happy to help anyone.

Anonymous said: This is a very personal question so feel free not to answer it, but I've recently found out that I'm expecting and I'm worried about stretch marks. Did you get stretch marks with Lily and do you have any tips or advice for preventing them whilst pregnant?

First of all, congratulations! Relax and enjoy pregnancy :)
I did get some stretch marks, luckily they were only on my bum.
I would recommend you start slapping the cream on your tummy, bum and thighs straight away and don’t get carried away with eating cream cakes like I did!

I’m back!

Has it been 7 months? Wow!

But yes, I’m back, and Lily has done smiling, the rolling, the sitting up business, laughing, mastered crawling and is now trying to walk!

She’s 10 months now. Boy do I have a lot of photos to show you! And she’s even more beautiful now :)

Also, Jay and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary together back in October.

I do really have the most perfect family!

Anonymous said: are you still writing on this?

I haven’t for 7 month but I’m back! X

reliefnext-tome-deactivated2012 said: Your daughter is soooo cute!

Ah thanks sweet :) x

Nan’s looking after Lily today as Mummy’s being a model for the day.

I'm Becca, twenty, wife to Jay, and mother of Lily, born 5th March 2011.

This blog is to share all the incredible stories Jay and I have with our little princess and my life as a young mother.